Introductory Call:

  • Your Campus Relations representative will schedule a phone call to meet your Consultant. During this call, we will identify the Site Administrators, talk about your goals, as well as a timeline, and review steps to implementation. 

Introduction Email:

  • After the introductory call, your Consultant will send a follow-up email with notes from the call as well as your site's URL and temporary usernames and passwords for Site Administrators. This email will also contain information regarding site authentication.

Leadership Webinar:

  • This webinar is designed to show Site Administrators best practices in data visualization and formulating questions. It will demonstrate how our tools align with these best practices and introduce the idea of a centralized template.



All technical training is conducted remotely via webinar.

Site Administrator Training:

  • We recommend two to three people be designated as Site Administrators on your campus. This is the highest level of access to the website. Because the Planning module has many robust features, there are several training sessions for Site Administrators. These sessions are scheduled weekly and each goes over a different feature of the module. Site Administrator implementation takes approximately eight weeks to complete. After each training, your Consultant will assign you "homework" to complete before the next session. We ask that Site Administrators allow around two to three hours per week to conduct the training session (which lasts about 30 minutes to an hour) and complete their homework (which is done outside of the training session). 

User Training(s):

  • We provide an unlimited number of remote user training sessions that cover the basic functionality of the site. Users have limited access, so the training is not as robust as a Site Administrator training. The training sessions last about one and a half to two hours. Typically, institutions request two separate training sessions.



Between the introductory call and end-user training sessions, the tasks below need to be completed. As with all things, if you have any questions about how and/or you should be doing something, your Consultant can assist you!

Complete Site Authentication:

  • We require all campuses to authenticate their Compliance Assist website. This not only allows your users to use their everyday institution username and password, but it is also more secure for your information. We ask that you identify a member of your IT department to work with our authentication team to configure these settings. You can find our authentication information in the Technical Resources section of our support site. You should pass this information on to your IT department. 
  • Complete Core Data Implementation - While Insight can pull data from tools across the Campus Labs platform, Core Data is perhaps a fundamental building block in this process. During the introductory call, your Consultant will explain what Core Data is and the process to implement it. You can find out more about Core Data from our Technical Resources section.
  • Complete User List with Roles - User access to the Planning module is defined by a role in the organizational chart. We can do a mass upload of this information using a spreadsheet designed for our system's import process. Once completed, your Consultant will import the users. 
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