New Insight Data Resources

Beacon Custom Demographics

Custom fields enable advisors, generalists, executives, and administrators to see further information about students. Fields and their associated information can be viewed within the demographic tab of a student profile in Beacon. Up to 50 custom fields can be created and are now accessible in conjunction with Core Data Student Demographics as well, creating an amazing wealth of data to help identify roadblocks to student success.

Grades & Absences from Faculty Experience

Through Faculty Experience instructors can update both students grades and absences while reviewing course evaluations and accessing other Campus Labs tools. Both grade and absence data recorded in the Faculty Experience is now accessible through Insight.

Beacon Assessment Data

The Student Strengths Inventory (SSI) is an instrument that is guided by over 30 years of research on non-cognitive or psycho-social attitudes and behaviors that are present in successful people. The SSI seeks to measure the following factors:
* Academic Engagement
* Academic Self-Efficacy
* Campus Engagement
* Educational Commitment
* Resiliency
* Social Comfort

A user can now use Insight with Beacon assessment data to dig deeper into barriers to success by identifying the common characteristics of at-risk students as well as those who are likely to succeed.

Beacon Insights & Triggers

Supporting students is about more than getting them back on track. It means using proactive encouragements to help students foster a growth mindset. And because student success is a shared responsibility, it means keeping every stakeholder in the loop. Our Early Alerts system enables you to nudge, coach, and collaborate, and is designed for anyone on campus committed to student success and with Insight integration, you can dig deeper into Beacon alerts.

Outcomes Data

Student learning is at the heart of your mission, but how can you know if your courses are designed to maximize success in expected outcomes? To evaluate their impact, take a deeper dive into your outcomes data. Through Campus Labs® Outcomes integration with Insight, you can gain clearer views of campus-wide progress and opportunities for continuous improvement, even as you simplify the assessment and reporting process.

New Insight Features

In addition to new data resources, new features have also been released. Please click on the links to read more about the feature itself.

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